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Alsinyar IT & Digital Forensics:
Forensic Firm

WeForensicate is the forensic firm of Alsinyar IT where we provide digital forensic investigation services to our clients. This ranges from big corporates concerned about intruders to regular users who want just to recover deleted files. The goal of our forensic firm is to be one of the best digital forensic services providers globally if not the best.
We also provide Network and Computer Security services including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and secure architecture redesigning..

Our Clients

Our clients include individuals, public and private companies both large and small, government departments and other organizations both in Saudi Arabia and overseas.

Lawyers and barristers, especially:

in-house counsel
employment law
industrial relations
commercial litigation
electronic discovery
criminal prosecution and defence

Investigators and other forensic practitioners

Audit and risk management
IT and information security managers
Law enforcement and criminal prosecution
Human resources management
Boards, CXO and executive management
IT and information security management
Government departments and agencies